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Dr. Andreas Potschka

Head of the Junior Research Group MOBOCON
Mathematikon, Room 02/418

Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 5414637

Short CV

Professional career

04/2017–07/2017 W3 Professurvertretung Numerik (interim professorship Numerical Mathematics), Heidelberg University.
09/2014–01/2015 W3 Professurvertretung Optimierung (interim professorship Optimization), University of Mannheim.
since 09/2013 Akademischer Rat auf Zeit, Heidelberg University.
since 06/2012 Head of Junior Research Group Model-Based Optimizing Control, Heidelberg University.
09/2006–09/2013 Scientific assistant, Bock group, Heidelberg University.

Complimentary Research Scholar, Heinkenschloss group and Warburton group, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA.


12/2011 Doctorate in Mathematics (summa cum laude), Heidelberg University. Thesis title: A direct method for the numerical solution of optimization problems with time-periodic PDE constraints
08/2006 Diplom in Mathematics (with distinction), Heidelberg University. Thesis title: Handling path constraints in a direct multiple shooting method for optimal control problems
10/2001–08/2006 Studies of Mathematics with minor Computer Science, Heidelberg University.


Awards and scholarships

10/2012 Klaus Tschira Prize for publicly understandable science (Mathematics).
09/2009 Best talk from a didactical point of view. 14th Belgian-French-German Conference on Optimization, Leuven, Belgium.
10/2001–08/2006 Stipendium nach dem Bayerischen Begabtenförderungsgesetz (Fellowship of the state of Bavaria).

Selected talks

  • Backward step control globalization for nonlinear problems in function space, 4th European Conference on Computational Optimization, Leuven, Belgium, 2016
  • Numerics of nonlinear model predictive control: Recent advances and future challenges, International Symposium Optimization and Control of Uncertain Systems, Dortmund, 2015 (invited talk)
  • Newton-Picard preconditioning for time-periodic PDE constrained optimization, Fourth International Conference on Continuous Optimization, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013
  • Dual Control, Workshop Optimization under Uncertainty, Magdeburg, 2013 (invited talk)
  • Towards real-time optimization for PDE, Workshop Numerical Methods for PDE Constrained Optimization with Uncertain Data, Oberwolfach, 2013
  • Optimization problems with time-periodic PDE constraints, OPTEC seminar, Leuven, 2012 (invited talk)
  • Optimization with time-periodic PDE constraints: Numerical methods and applications, Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar, Oxford, England, 2010 (invited talk)
  • Direct Multiple Shooting for Path Constrained Optimal Control Problems, joint EUROPT-OMS conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007
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