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December 2015:
Together with partners from Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, we have been succesful with the EU H2020 project proposal SPEXOR in the April 2015 ICT call. SPEXOR deals with the development of spinal exoskeleton robots for low back pain prevention and vocational reintegration. The project, which is coordinated by Jan Babic from JSI, will start in January 2016; the research performed at Heidelberg will be led by Katja Mombaur as principal investigator. (Press release in English / German)


November 2015:
The ORB research group and the Robotics Lab are participating in the Robotertage (Robot Days) at DAI Heidelberg at the occasion of the European Robotics Week 2015.

November 2015:
Katja Mombaur is co-organizing the workhop "Benchmarking bipedal locomotion" at Humanoids 2015 in Seattle, together with Diego Torricelli, Madrid, and Nikos Tsakarakis, Genova. 
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October 2015:
Katja Mombaur (Heidelberg) and Thorsten Stein (Karlsruhe) will be receiving funding from the HEIKA initiative for a joint project with the title "Interdisciplinary approach to human motor control and learning: sensorimotor experiments, biomechanical modeling, and computational optimization". 

October 2015:
We are pleased to welcome several new members in the ORB research group: Anna Lena Kleesattel and Kevin Stein will start preparing their Master's theses in Physics, Alexander Koenig will do his Bachelor thesis in Computer Science and Jakob Schnell will do his Bachelor thesis in Physics.

September 2015:
Katja Mombaur is co-organizing the workhop "Towards truly human-like locomotion - The role of optimization, learning and motor primitives" at IROS 2015 in Hamburg, together with Diego Torricelli, Madrid.




August 2015:
We are happy to anounce that Manish Sreenivasa, Humboldt postdoctoral fellow in the ORB group, has received the Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger prize 2015 of Heidelberg University. Congratulations, Manish! With the support of the prize, Manish will be organizing the Ruperto Carola Symposium on Neuromechanics in October 2016. 


July 2015:
Martin Felis has succesfully passed his doctoral exam with magna cum laude. Congratulations, Martin! His interdisciplinary PhD project in Mathematics with minors Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences had the title "Modeling emotional aspects of human locomotion".  A video of his doctoral hat can be found here.

June 2015:
Henning Koch has succesfully defended his interdisciplinary PhD thesis in Mathematics (minors: Robotics and Computer Science). For his work on the topic "Using model-based optimal control for conceptional motion generation for the humanoid robot HRP-2 14 and design investigations for exoskeletons" he received the grade magna cum laude. Congratulations, Henning!

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May 2015:
ORB is now also affiliated with ZITI (Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Heidelberg) in terms of an external membership.

April 2015:

Katja Mombaur will be co-organizing a workshop on the role of optimization, learning and motion primitives for human(oid) locomotion at IROS 2015 in Hamburg (Sept 2015) together with Diego Toricelli, CSIC.


April 2015:
ORB and the Robotics Lab are participating in the Girls' Day with a Lecture and Robot demos.

Schriftzug Marsilius-Kolleg


March 2015:
Katja Mombaur has been appointed Marsilius Fellow of the University of Heidelberg for the class 2015/2016 (for more details, see University Press release and Webpage of Marsilius Kolleg).

March 2015:
Debora Clever, Katja Mombaur and Sarah Otto from ORB are co-organizing the First Women in Optimization workshop in Heidelberg together with Andrea Walther from Paderborn and Luise Blank from Regensburg (for more details follow this link).

Feb 2015:

We welcome Matthew Millard from Canada as new Postdoctoral Fellow in ORB. Matt will be working on human musculoskeletal models of human for  the use in optimal control problems. 

Plakat Kinderuni 2013Feb 2015:
ORB is participating in the Heidelberg Kids' University with a Lecture and Robot demos.


Nov 2014:
We are happy to announce the arriveal of our new humanoid robot - the HeiCub! It is a special version of the iCub 2.5 and has been built for us by our partner IIT in the context of the KoroiBot project.


Nov 2014:
Katja Mombaur will be co-organizing a workshop on dynamic locomotion and balancing of humanoid robots  at ICRA 2015 in Seattle (May 2015) together with Zhibin Li from IIT and Tomomichi Sugihara, Kyoto.

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