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IWR - Where Methods Meet Applications

The IWR is an interdisciplinary research center for scientific computing which builds bridges across a multitude of disciplines. The center promotes mathematical and computational methods in science, engineering and the humanities. Currently it comprises more than 50 research teams from various faculties. About 500 scientists work together in interdisciplinary cooperation projects. In addition to educating the next generation of excellent scientists, the IWR also focuses on advancing international research networks. [More...]

News & Announcements

March 28, 2017
Professors Kanschat and Gertz fellows in the 10th class of the Marsilius-Kolleg
Congratulations to our venerable IWR-members, Prof. Guido Kanschat and Prof. Michael Gertz on their fellowship in the Marsilius-Kolleg of 2017. [More...]

March 7, 2017
Heidelberg researchers develop a new algorithm for analysing image data
The working group "Image Analysis and Learning" at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, lead by Prof. Fred Hamprecht, is advancing research towards a circuit diagram of the brain [More...]

March 2, 2017
Professor Mombaur going public with robotics on SWR1
Making her work more accessible to the general population, Prof. Mombaur recently presented her research on humanoid robots within the broadcasting program on SWR1 Baden-Württemberg [More...]

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June 29, 2017
Talk: "Hyperbolic Approximation of the Vlasov equation and Kinetic approximation of non-linear hyperbolic systems"
Laurent Navoret • University of Strasbourg, France [More…]

July 3-5, 2017
SPPEXA Workshop: "Fast High Order DG Methods for Future Architectures"
Prof. Peter Bastian [More…]

4. Juli 2017
65. Heidelberger Bildverarbeitungsforum: "Embedded Vision Systeme: Leistungsfähigkeit und Programmierung"
Prof. Bernd Jähne [Mehr…]

8. Juli 2017
Tag der Offenen Tür: "Mathematik, Informatik und Scientific Computing zum Anfassen"
Fakultät für Mathematik & Informatik und IWR [Mehr…]

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Upcoming Events

June 29, 2017

04:15 PM

Hyperbolic Approximation of the Vlasov equation and Kinetic approximation of non-linear hyperbolic systems

Laurent Navoret, University of Strasbourg, France

July 3, 2017

09:00 AM

Fast High Order DG Methods for Future Architectures

Various Speakers

July 8, 2017

10:00 AM

Tag der Offenen Tür im Mathematikon

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