Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Musical interlude: the organ in Neue Aula, Heidelberg University

For the 625th anniversary of Heidelberg University the building "Neue Universität" was totally renovated. A special treasure of the Ruperto Carola was rediscovered and brought back to life: the so-called "Weigle-Organ" which has belonged to the university's inventary since 1964, and which has been waiting for some time in the wings, was breathed new power into its more than 4000 pipes during the renovation.

After its restoration the organ embodies a nationwide uniquely combination of 21st century technology with neo-Baroque sound bodies and neo-Romantic sound scape. On the occassion of the IWR jubilee, the organ will ring out again!

Robot JacksonBot Painting (2012).

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Kantate 110, Arie: Wachet auf…arrangement for organ, trumpet.

Johannes Matthias Michel
(German composer, church musician and organist, Mannheim/Heidelberg; *1962):
Epigramme, selected movements for organ and trumpet (2010).

Petr Eben
(Czech composer;1927-2007): Golden Window; organ, trumpet (1976)
one of 4 movements, compositions inspired by glass windows Marc Chagall has created for the synagogue of the Medical Center of Hadassah-University, Jerusalem.

Heike Ittmann

(Church musician and organist,     
Cantorate Lampertheim;*1973)

Falk Zimmermann

(Orchestra of the National Theater Mannheim,
soloist ;*1965)
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