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Teaching scientific computing is of special importance to the IWR. There is an increasing demand in research, industry and commerce for abilities which are particularly enhanced by scientific computing. It provides a solid background in a scientific subject in combination with the ability to translate a problem mathematically in order to solve it with:

  • the aid of modern hard- and software
  • the expertise in the development and application of problem-matching new algorithms
  • the ability for interdisciplinary cooperation and combination of basic research with practical application
  • the intimate knowledge of modern data-processing techniques.

Although the IWR mainly focuses on graduate studies and the training of PhD students, there are a large variety of additional programs available.

The Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science at Heidelberg University is offering an international master course "Scientific Computing". The program is designed in cooperation with HGS MathComp, the graduate school at the IWR, and combines the development of methods and algorithms in Applied Mathematics, the implementation of these methods using modern Computer Science technology and the application to real-world problems.

Furthermore IWR is in close contact with regional high schools, aiming at the training of teachers as well as pupils with particular interests in specific issues.
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