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IWR Colloquium on Computational Methods in Sciences

The IWR Colloquium serves as a platform for the interdisciplinary dialogue which characterizes the field of scientific computing. It is organized by Dr. Michael J. Winckler, Administrative Director HGS MathComp.

Every semester, members of the IWR and its affiliated institutions as wells as renowned international experts are invited to present their latest scientific results and discuss the upcoming challenges in the field of scientific computing.

We gladly invite you to join this interdisciplinary dialogue.

The next talk:
Datum 2019-07-03
Time 16:15
Speaker Prof. Mark A. Girolami
Affiliation University of Cambridge, UK
Title The Statistical Finite Element Method
Abstract Abstract
Location Mathematikon, Conference Room, Room 5/104, 5th Floor, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, 69120 Heidelberg

Datum Speaker Affiliation Title Abstract
Prof. Mark A. Girolami University of Cambridge, UK The Statistical Finite Element Method Abstract
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Administrative Director IWR
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