Kerr black hole A Gamma ray burst event
Computational Astrophysics

of Implicit Solvers
for Dissipative Plasma-flows
and Magnetic Confinement
in Astrophysics

The elliptical galaxy M78
Ahmad Hujeirat
Magnetic fusion
Contact: Ahmad.Hujeirat (at)
PD Dr. Ahmad A. Hujeirat (PD: Physics/Uni. Basel)
IWR/ Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
The University of Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 368
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 6221 - 54-****, Fax.: (+49) 6221 - 54 - ****

Group Composition:

Prof. Dr. Max Camenzind
Sofie Fehlmann
Robert Prem
Dr. Steffen Brinkmann
Dipl. Phys. Bernhard W. Keil (pr.)
Dipl. Phys. Paul P. Hilscher (pr.)
Felix Brezinski (pr.)
Dave Gobrecht (pr.)


The focus of my research is to use mathematical and computer tools to study diverse
unresolved phenomena in high energy astrophysics.

The topics are:

Astrophysical applications:


are welcome to pursue theoretical and/or numerical research in one of the above-
mentioned topics towards achieving their Bachelor, Master, Diploma or PhD degrees.

Suggestions for Master & Doctorial Theses


Complete list at the Astrophysical Database (ADS)

Selected Publications

Mathematical physics: Matched asymptotic expansion Implicit numerical methods in astrophysical fluid dynamics: Numerical general relativity: Accretion disks, jets, X-ray and GRBs:


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