Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Dr. Andreas Maurischat

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Mail: andreas.maurischat <at>
Tel.: +49-(0)6221-54 14714
Room: 3/224
Building: INF 205

Office hours: by appointment





Sept 2017Preparatory course on Linear Algebra
Sept 2016Preparatory course on Linear Algebra
Sept 2015Preparatory course on Linear Algebra
SS 2015Lecture on Geometry
Lecture on Linear Algebra
July/Aug 2014Compact-Course Differential- und Integralrechnung
Aug/Sept 2013Compact-Course Differential- und Integralrechnung
SS 2010Seminar Galois groups (on Locally nilpotent derivations)
WS 08/09Seminar Galois groups (on Hopf algebras)



Teaching assistance

SS 13Lineare Algebra 2
WS 12/13Lineare Algebra 1
SS 12Computeralgebra
WS 11/12Algebra 1
Proseminar Bilinearformen
SS 11Lineare Algebra 2
Proseminar Fuchssche Gruppen
WS 10/11Lineare Algebra 1
SS 10Algebra 2
WS 09/10Codierungstheorie
Seminar Drinfeld-Moduln
SS 09Algebraische Kurven und Funktionen
Seminar Bewertungstheorie
WS 08/09Software-Praktikum Computeralgebra
SS 08Computeralgebra
WS 07/08Lineare Algebra 2
Seminar Konstruktive Galoistheorie
SS 07Lineare Algebra 1
WS 06/07Einführung in die algebraische Geometrie
Proseminar Kettenbrüche
SS 06Algebra 2
Seminar Invarianten endlicher Gruppen
WS 05/06Algebra 1
Proseminar Endliche Körper
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