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Publications and Preprints

of Prof. Dr. Gebhard Böckle


Research articles

Lecture Series and Surveys

  • Deformations of Galois representations. (pdf)
    In Elliptic curves, Hilbert modular forms and Galois deformations, 21–115, Advanced Courses in Mathematics. CRM Barcelona. Birkhäuser/Springer, Basel (2013).
  • Cohomological theory of crystals over function fields and applications. (pdf)
    In "Arithmetic Geometry in Positive Characteristic". Advanced Courses in Mathematics. CRM Barcelona. Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel (2012), to appear.
  • Galois representations. (pdf)
    Travaux mathématiques. Vol. XXIII, 5–35, Fac. Sci. Technol. Commun. Univ. Luxemb., Luxembourg (2013).



    • An Eichler-Shimura isomorphism over function fields between Drinfeld modular forms and cohomology classes of crystals. (pdf), 183 pages.

      In Preparation

      • (joint with M. Blickle) Cartier Crystals. An overview can be found in a chapter of the habilitation treatise of M.Blickle
      • (joint with M. Dettweiler) Division Towers for Triangle Shimura Curves.
      • Lifts of mod p Galois representations with local supercuspidal types.
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