Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Judith Ludwig

Mail: judith.ludwig <at>
Room: 03/225 (INF 205)

Here is my webpage.


Office hours: by appointment.


Winter 2020/21:

Seminar: Elliptic Curves (with Prof. Dr. G. Böckle)


Summer 2020:

Lecture: Adic spaces II


Winter 2019/20:

Lecture: Algebra I (assistant)

Lecture: Adic spaces I (assistant)


Summer 2019:

Lecture: p-divisible groups

AG-Seminar: The Fargues-Fontaine curve (with Prof. Dr. G. Böckle)


Winter 2018/19:

Seminar: Representation theory of GL(2) (with Prof. Dr. G. Böckle)

AG-Seminar: Local G-shtukas (with Prof. Dr. G. Böckle)
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