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Konrad Fischer

Mail: konrad.fischer <at>
Tel.: ++49-(0)6221-54 14713
Fax: ++49-(0)6221-54 14737
Room: 03-222

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Office hours: wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. or by appointment

I'm a doctoral student in the group of Computational Arithmetic Geometry under supervision of Prof. Dr. Gebhard Böckle.

My research is on Hilbert modular forms, Shimura curves and Galois representations in their cohomology.


For my Diploma I worked on Iwasawa-theory in the group of Prof. Dr. Otmar Venjakob. My diploma thesis is available here: pdf

Teaching assistance:

Seminar on Lubin-Tate theory in SS 2018

Seminar on Group Cohomology in WS 2017

Lecture Algebra 2 in SS 2017

Seminar on Cryptography and Large Primes in WS 2016

Research seminar on p-adic Uniformization in SS 2016

Working group seminar on Canonical models of Shimura Varieties in SS 2014

Working group seminar on Modularity Lifting in WS 2013

Student seminar on Toric Varieties in SS 2013

Lecture Algebraic geometry 1 in WS 2012



Statistics for biology majors (Prof. Kummer) SS 2012

Algebra 1 in WS 2011

Linear Algebra 2 in SS 2011

Linear Algebra 1 in WS 2010

Numerical Mathematics in SS 2010

Algebraic number theory SS 2009



Previously I was part of the doctoral student reading (and cake) seminar (internal link). So far we talked about derived categories, crystalline cohomology and DM-stacks.
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