Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Peter Gräf

Mail: peter.graef <at>
Tel.: +49-(0)6221-54 14715
Room: 03/225 (INF 205)

Office hours: By appointment.


Working group seminar: p-adic Uniformization (Prof. Dr. G. Böckle) in SS 2016 (with K. Fischer and Dr. D. Guiraud)

Proseminar:                    p-adic Analysis (Prof. Dr. G. Böckle) in SS 2016

Lecture:                          Linear algebra 1 (Prof. Dr. G. Böckle) in WS 2015/16 (with Dr. J. Cerviño)

Lecture:                          Introduction to geometry (Dr. H. Kasten) in SS 2015

Lecture:                          Complex analysis 2 (Dr. E. Hofmann) in WS 2014/15

Lecture:                          Complex analysis 1 (Dr. H. Kasten) in SS 2014



  • Computing L-invariants via the Greenberg-Stevens formula (joint with S. Anni, G. Böckle, A. Troya, submitted, archiv, 2018)
  • A control theorem for p-adic automorphic forms and Teitelbaum's L-invariant (submitted, archiv, 2017)
  • Teitelbaum's L-invariant and rigid analytic automorphic forms (Master's thesis, pdf, 2015)


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