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Dr. Conrad Leidereiter


Scenario Tree NMPC

Dominik Cebulla

PhD student

Optimizing control of pharmaceutical processes
Preprocessing for Quadratic Programming problems

María Elena Suaréz Garcés

PhD student

Iterative Linear Algebra for Parameter Estimation

Jürgen Gutekunst

PhD student

NMPC for periodic and switched processes

Andreas Meyer

PhD student

Optimal design for complex multi-component systems

Robert Scholz

PhD student

Control of networks of heterogeneous energy systems
Stable condensing for large-scale structured QPs

Former members

Dr. La Huu Chuong


NMPC for the dual control problem

Alexander Buchner

PhD student

Ruben Garske

MSc student

Automatic higher order derivative computation for explicit Runge-Kutta methods

Enrique Guerrero


Scientific Computing for slot car racing

Christine Ickes

BSc student

Incomplete LIU decomposition for preconditioned GMRES

Lukas Schork

MSc student

A matrix-free parametric active-set method for large-scale non-convex QPs
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