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Our mission is to develop fast numerical methods for feedback control of large-scale, real-world processes in real-time. Our efforts are focused on the challenges of processes that

  • are modelled with nonlinear parabolic PDEs,
  • involve difficult boundary conditions, for example periodicity in time,
  • involve switches in the dynamics,
  • need to be optimized with respect to economic objective functions,
  • are subject to uncertainties.

In a genuinely interdisciplinary approach, the development, analysis, and implementation of new algorithms addresses important questions from applications, especially chemical engineering.

Our research belongs to the following mathematical areas:

  • Preconditioning of saddle-point systems
  • Globalization of Newton-type methods
  • Linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programming
  • Numerical methods for differential equations (ODE, DAE, PDE)
  • Model reduction

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