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Hauptseminar Model-based Optimizing Control

Term: Summer semester 2017
Date and Location: Fridays, 14-16h, SR10, Mathematikon
Organizer: Andreas Potschka


This seminar addresses advanced research topics in the area of real-time optimization and uncertainty quantification. Topics include but are not limited to

  • Structure exploitation
  • Real-time iterations for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC)
  • Multi-level iterations for NMPC
  • Scenario-tree NMPC
  • Large-scale parameter estimation
  • Dual control
  • Average-output infinite horizon NMPC


12.05.17 Discussion
19.05.17 M. Suaréz Garcés: Iterative Linear Algebra for Parameter Estimation
02.06.17 D. Cebulla: Working set computation in QP postprocessing
23.06.17 J. Gutekunst: Optimal Feedback Control for Average Output Systems
30.06.17 C. Leidereiter: Fast feedback multi-stage NMPC using structure-exploiting numerical methods
14.07.17 Discussion
28.07.17 A. Meyer: Adaptive direct collocation for switched optimal control problems
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