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Optimization in Robotics and Biomechanics

Human and humanoid yoyo playing

Katja Mombaur - IWR

Manish Sreenivasa - LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

Yoyo playing may seem easy for a human, but it is a challenging problem for a humanoid robot.

We generate yoyo motions for the humanoid robot, HRP-2, based on motion recorded from human yoyo playing, dynamical models and numerical optimal control techniques. We recorded vertical yoyo playing of 4 subjects measuring yoyo height and rotation angle as well as the corresponding hand motions. A detailed multi-phase yoyo model with impact collisions and control patterns of human yoyo playing were identified from these measurements. Based on this knowledge, reliable yoyo motions within the feasibility ranges of HRP-2 were generated using optimal control. The resulting motions have been implemented on the robot using open-loop and event-based quasi open-loop control strategies.

In addition, we study the optimality principles underlying human yoyo playing.

It is assumed that each subjects follows an optimization strategy when manipulating the yoyo. The underlying obejctive functions are identified using inverse optimal control techniques.




K. Mombaur, M. Sreenivasa: HRP-2 plays the yoyo: From human to humanoid yoyo playing using optimal control, Preceedings of IEEE ICRA 2010, Anchorage, USA, May 2010

K. Mombaur, M. Sreenivasa , Inverse optimal control as a tool to understand human yoyo playing, to appear in Proceeedings of ICNAAM 2010, Rhodes, Greece, Sept. 2010

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