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Optimization in Robotics and Biomechanics

Seminar of the ORB research group

Unless indicated otherwise, the seminar takes place on Thursdays from 14:00 am to 15:30 pm.
The current location is Mathematikon B, Seminar room, 3rd floor

The list of talks will be constantly updated. Please check here again soon for new talks. 


Winter 2018/2019 

DateSpeakerTalk title
October 25Felix AllerTowards the assessment of bipedal locomotion
November 15(1) Maria Stepanov(1) An Algorithm for the Automated Generation of Patient-Specific Organ Molds for Use in Brachytherapy
(2) Peter PflanlWalking simulations with muscles

November 20 (Tuesday),

Building B, Room B102

Niels BernlöhrDetecting subtle gestures in an IMU-Datastream
November 22(1) Matthew Millard(1) A model of muscle force and impedance
(2) Silvan Lindner(2) Coverage Path Planning for Autonomous Structure from Motion Recordings
November 26 (Monday)Maximilian StaigerMAV2DJI: Eine Android Bridge zu DJI Drohnen
Letitia Parcalabescutba
December 3 (Monday)N.N.tba
December 10 (Monday)Maziar Ahmad SharbafiSteps towards Decoding biological bipedal locomotion
December 17 (Monday)Julian MartusA lumbar exoskeleton for the prevention of lower back pain
January 14 (Monday)(1) Martin Huber

(1) Stabilization of Reinforced Navigation with Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

(2) Sebastian Billaudelle(2) Introduction to neuromorphic computing
January 21 (Monday)(1) Kevin Stein

(1) Application of Motion Capturing to Slackline Balancing

January 31
(1) Maximilian Hein(1) Sensordatenfusion zur Lokalisierung mobiler Plattformen für den Outdooreinsatz
(2) Benjamin Reh(2) tba
March 31(1) Marta SauterNumerical Methods for Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy by Bilevel Optimal Control of Constrained Biomechanical Multi-Body Systems
(2) Matthias SchlöderCerebral Palsy Treatment Planning



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