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Optimization in Robotics and Biomechanics

Archive of talks at the ORB Seminar

Summer 2018 

DateSpeakerTalk title
April 18, 14:00
Mathematikon B, Seminar Room 3rd floor
Felix RichterGesture Recognition with k-Nearest-Neighbours using a Dynamic Time Warping Approach
April 30Jonas Große Sundrup
May 7Julian MartusMechanical design for spinal exoskeletons
May 14no SeminarColloquium for Georg Bocks 70th birthday
May 21no SeminarPentecost
June 4Jonas Große SundrupGit branches and Remotes
June 11
Peter NeigelSelf-Similarity Based Detection of Spatio-Temporal Motifs in Multivariate Signals
June 18Matthew MillardModeling and simulation of foot-ground contact
Benjamas PanomruttanarugIntroduction to COSIN lab
June 25Erik Koynov

Data protection rules in scientific contexts

June 28, 14:00
conference room, Building A, 5th floor
Letitia ParcalabescuSegmenting Drone Images using Classical Machine Learning
July 2(1) Alexander StepanovEntwicklung einer Ausbringungsvorrichtung für UAVs im Rahmen des ArchEyeAutomatic Projekts
(2) Elif Öztürk, Jennifer ErfurtImplementation einer bewegungsbasierten Fliegenjagd
July 9(1) Martin HuberReinforcement Learning in Gazebo
(2) Erik KoynovRecent developments in data protection regulation
July 16, 11:00
Seminarroom B128,
Building B, 3rd floor
Philip MayerInverse Radiation Treatment Planning for Robot Assisted, Iod-Seed-Based, Extraprostatic Brachytherapy
July 16Seungmoon SongModeling human locomotion control and its applications
August 20Anna-Lena EmondsInverse Optimal Control Based Enhancement of Sprinting Motion Analysis With and Without Running-Specific Prostheses

September 10
Seminarroom B128,
Building B, 3rd floor

Gerhard KurzDirectional Estimation for Robotic Beating Heart Surgery

September 17
Seminarroom B128,
Building B, 3rd floor 13:00

(1) Benjamin RehMotorcycles and Crowds - Methods for agent-based Swarm Simulation
(2) Silvan LindnerMesh Reduction: Implementing a good-performance mesh-clustering framework in C++



WINTER 2017/2018 

DateSpeakerTalk title
Oct 19, 2017(1) Dr. Matthew Millard, ORBMuscle modeling: Getting the stiffness right
(2) Benjamin Reh, ORBSegregation on the Elisa-3 swarm or How to squeeze 7 variables into 4 bytes
Oct 26, 2017Dr. Matthew Millard, 
Dr. Manish Sreenivasa & 
Monika Harant
Modeling human-exoskeleton interaction in the SPEXOR project (joint talk)
Nov 2, 2017(1) Christian Seitzt.b.a.
(2) Silvan Lindnert.b.a.
Nov 9, 2017  (1) Monika HarantParameter estimation for passive spinal exoskeletons
(2) Anna Lena KleesattelOptimal control of sprinting with and without prostheses
(3) Kevin SteinClosed loop control for walking motions for iCub
Nov 16, 2017  No seminar
Nov 23, 2017(1) Kevin Stein xSens Crash Course
(2) Shih Ming LawA literature review on Pantograph-based dynamic robots
Nov 30, 2017Yue HuAll you ever wanted (or not wanted) to know about HeiCub
Dec 7, 2017Jonas Große SundrupIntroduction to git
Dec 14, 2017No seminar
Jan 25, 2018(1) Wolfgang AndrisOptimal Control of olympic style weightlifting
(2) Benjamin Reht.b.a.
Feb 1, 2018Holger FröningPost-Dennard Performance Scaling in its Teenage Decade: picoJoule replaces nanosecond
Feb  8, 2018Stefan Radevt.b.a.
Feb  22, 2018(1) Martin HuberNew implementation of the pattern generator for HeiCub
(2) Domonkos CzifraDigital modeling of Neurons / the TrueNorth Chip
Feb  22, 2018
14:00 Uhr
Daniela KilianYARP based modular program for joint control and sensors reading
March 1, 2018(1) Steve W. HeimStepping outside basins of attraction
(2) Valentin ChelaruUGV mounted Laserscanning for Automated Navigation and 3D Documentation
March 3, 2018
13:00 Uhr
Shih Ming LawOptimal-Control-Aided Design and Gait Synthesis of a Planar Pantograph-Leg Bipedal Robot
March 8, 2018Philip MayerInverse Bestrahlungsplanung für die roboterassistierte, Iod-Seed-basierte, extraprostatische Brachytherapie
March 14, 2018
14:00 Uhr
Ayaka Yamadat.b.a
March 22, 2018(1) Pascal Windhagen Tiefere Analysen eines Segregationsmodells mit Schwarmmodellen
(2) Julian MartusMechanical design for spinal exoskeletons
SUMMER 2017Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
April 20, 2017Dr. Jochen Apel, University Library HeidelbergOpen access publications
April, 25, 2015 (Tue, 14:30)ORB short talks
April 27, 2017no seminar because of Girls' Day
May 4, 2017Prof. Dr. Knut Schnell, Asklepios Psychiatrie, GöttingenAction and action perception in mental disorders
May 11, 2017Dr. Jochen Apel, University Library HeidelbergBibliometrics
May 18, 2017Javier Gonzalez Chamorro, ORBStudy of perturbations contracton on a humanoid rigid multibody model
June 19, 2017
(Mon, 11:00)
Michael Engler, ORBArchEyeConnect: Kommunikation mit einem Autopiloten über das MAVLink-Protokoll
July 6, 2017Katja MombaurORB retreat preparation (internal)
July 17, 2017
(Mo, all day)
allORB research retreat (internal)
July 18, 2017
(Tue, 11:00)
Sarah Englert, Alexander Schubert, Katja Mombaur Research funding & finances (internal)
July 20, 2017Alexander SchubertDynamic motions in action painting
WINTER 2016/17Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
Oct 17, 2016,
(Mo, 10:00)
Alexander König, ORBProgrammierung des humanoiden Roboters NAO für Überimitationsstudien in der Psychologie (Bachelor presentation)
Oct 17, 2016,
(Mo, 11:00)
Anna-Lena Heusser, ORBEntwicklung einer App zur Steuerung eines automatisierten Structure-from-Motion Aufnahmegerätes
Nov 3, 20161. Anna Lena Kleesattel, ORB

Modeling and optimal control of amputee sprinters

2. Kevin Stein, ORB

Controlling walking motions of the humanoid robot HeiCub

Nov. 17, 2016
(Mathematikon A)

Martin Hämmerle
GI Sciences LiDAR Research group, Heidelberg

Bridging scales, dimensions, and disciplines - GIScience research at Heidelberg University
Dec 2, 2016
(Fr., 11:00)
David SprengelImplementierung einer Steuerung zum aktiven Schaukeln auf dem humanoiden Roboter NAO
(Bachelor presentation, German)
Dec 5, 2016
(Mo, 13:15)
Malin Schemschat, ORBOptimization based analysis of push recovery during walking motions to support the design of lower-limb exoskeletons
Dec 6, 2016
(Tue, 16:15)
Prof. Dr. Dana Kulic, University of WaterlooLearning from human motion
(IWR Colloquium)
Dec 8, 2016Alexander Brune, TU DarmstadtConcept for the Integration of Morphing Boxes for Shape Optimization in SIMULIA TOSCA STRUCTURE and CATIA
Jan 26, 2017Dr. Alexander Spröwitz & Steve Heim, MPI StuttgartLegged locomotion in machines and animals

Jan 30, 2017
(Mo. 13:00)

Christoph Wilk, ORBMaster Presentation: Development and Evaluation of Multi-Agent Navigation Algorithms
Feb 2, 2017Gaurav Gupta, ORBTrajectory Generation and Step
Planning of a 12DoF Biped Robot on Uneven Surface
March 23, 2017Gloria Feher, ORBAn Extension of the ArchEyeAutomatic-Software for Modeling historical Monuments and calculating desired Camera Positions
March 29, 2017
(We, 14:00)
 Raphael Michel, ORBDynamic filter for walking motion correction
March 30, 2017 Patrick Leiske, Historisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg und Christian Bott, Schule für historische Fechtkunst KrifonDas schöne Wort Motus" – Bewegungsprinzipien im historischen und modernen Fechten
April 6, 2017Dr. Jim Mainprice, MPI Intelligent Systems, TübingenThe Geometry of Human-Robot Space Sharing


SUMMER 2016Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
April 25, 2016,
(Mo, 01:30 p.m!)
Prof. Dr. Michiel van de Panne, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Understanding Movement Skills Using Simulation
April 28, 2016no seminar because of Girl's Day
May 12, 2016
(4 pm! at Alte Aula)
no seminar because of Marsilius Lecture by
Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun, ZEF, Bonn
Nachhaltig leben und wirtschaften
May 20, 2016
(Fr, 11 am!)
Jakob Schnell, ORBModeling and optimal control of the art robot JacksonBot 2
(Bachelor presentation)
June 2, 2016Dr. Sebastian Wolf, PD, Gait Lab, Orthopädie & Unfallchirurgie, SchlierbachApplication of 3D motion analysis in Orthopedics
June 9, 2016Prof. Dr. Dominik Endres, Universität Marburg, and Dr. Debora Clever, ORB

Combination of optimal control and movement primitives to adjust walking patterns of humanoid robots online (Tandem talk) 

June 16, 2016Davide Corradi, ORBOptimal control for balance recovery with a robotic rollator
July 11, 2014
(Mo, 11 am!)
Manon Kok, University of Linköping, SwedenPose estimation using inertial sensors with application to human body motion capture.
July 14, 2016Kristina HerboldAufzeichnung und Visualisierung von Kestenberg Movement Profiles mittels der Leap Motion (Bachelor presentation, German)
August 04, 2016  Peter Englert, Universität StuttgartLearning Manipulation Skills from a Single Demonstration
September 08, 2016Sascha TebbenCoverage-Path-Planning für unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge zur Erstellung von Luftaufnahmen (Bachelor presentation, German)
September 22, 2016Prof. David Franklin, Technische Universität MünchenFeedforward and feedback learning in sensorimotor control


WINTER 2015/16Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
Oct 1, 2015, 3:00 p.m.Jakob Schnell, ORBAnalysis of intersegmental coordination in the KoroiBot data base
Oct 15, 2015,
Paul Manns, TU Darmstadt

Part 1: Model reduction for optimal control problems &
Part 2: Control of tracked vehicles

Oct 28, 2015,
04:15 p.m.
INF 368, r432

Prof. Dr. Roy Featherstone, IIT, Genova
(presentation in the IWR Colloquium)
The physics and control of balancing on a point
Oct 29, 2015

Part 1: Benjamin Michaud, Universite de Montreal, Canada

Effect of the landing simulation in optimal jumping performance 
Part 2: Colombe Belaise, Universite de Montreal, CanadaEstimation of muscle forces using kinematics and EMG
Nov 12, 2015Alexander Werner, DLRTrajectory Optimization for Robot Walking for Rigid and Series Elastic Systems
Nov 19, 2015Manuel Kudruss, ORBOptimal Control for Multi-Contact, Whole-Body Motion Generation using Center-of-Mass Dynamics for Multi-Contact Situations
Nov 26. 2015Christian Mandery, KITMaster Motor Map: Framework for the Unifying Representation of Whole-Body Motion
Dec 3, 2015Prof. Dr. Sabina Pauen, Psychology, Heidelberg UniversityHow infants discriminate animate from inanimate beings
Dec 10, 2015
9 - 17
ORB Long Meeting
Dec 16, 2016
(Wed, 14:00)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Koch, Motion therapy, SRH Heidelberg

Rhythms of Life. Movement Analysis with the Kestenberg Movement Profile

Jan 18, 2016
(Mon, 14:15)
Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Slotine, MITCollective computation and the grammar of evolvability
Jan 28, 2016no seminar due to SPEXOR Kickoff
Feb 4, 2016Prof. Dr. Thomas Ihme, Hochschule Mannheim

A Real-Time Scheduling Concept for Robotics Applications

Feb 16, 2016
(Tue, 15:00)

Prof. Branislav Borovac, University of NoviSadRecent Achievements in Robotic Bipedal Locomotion in Novi Sad
March 10, 2016Dr. Firooz Salami, Gait Lab, Orthopädie & Unfallchirurgie, SchlierbachAssessment of mechanical parameters of gait in children with Cerebral Palsy
April 14, 2016Dr. Michael Schwenk, Netzwerk Alternsforschung, Heidelberg UniversityQuantifying and improving motor performance in geriatric patients: clinical applications of technology



Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
Apr. 16, 2015
(9 - 17)
ORB long meeting
Apr. 30, 2015Marcel Gutsche, AG Garbe & ORB Introduction to Light fields and Epipolar plane images
May 7, 2015Johannes Herold, AG KörkelPart 1: "Designing Optimal Sensor Trajectories to Estimate Parameters of Pollution Processes"; 
Part 2: "Modeling Athletic Performance - Opportunities, Current Approaches and Difficulties"
May 28, 2015Henning Koch, ORBModeling and optimal control of humanoid robots & exoskeletons
June 11, 2015Davide Corradi, ORBOptimality criteria of walking motions of elderly people
June 18, 2015ORB group retreat
June 25, 2015Malin Schemschat, ORBModeling and identification of push recovery motions
July 9, 2015Marina Horn, ORBIntroduction to SOFA - Simulation Open Framework Architecture - and application to simulations of prostate brachytherapy

July 15, 2015 (We, 11:00)

Yue Hu, ORBUsing optimal control to generate squat motions for the humanoid robot iCub with SEA

July 17, 2015
(Fr 11:00)

Martin Felis, ORBModeling and optimal control of emotional locomotion
July 30, 2015Henning Koch,  ORBOptimization-based design of exoskeletons
Sept 17. 2015Felix Aller, ORBImplementierung und Evlauierung eines neue Seregationsmodells auf Schwarmrobotern vom Typ Elisa-3
WINTER2014/2015Thursdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateTalk title

Oct. 1, 2014
(We) at 11:15

Fabian Finkeldey, ORBDesign and Implementation of a New Action Painting Robot
Okt. 16, 2014Prof. Dr. Sigrid Leyendecker, Universität ErlangenA discrete variational approach to hybrid dynamical systems and optimal control
Oct. 30, 2014Manuel KudrussIntroducing nonlinearities in LIPM based waliking pattern generators
Nov 6, 2014Andreas Wenz, KITPrediction of the future driver intention using motion tracking sensors
Nov 13, 2014(1) Yue Hu, ORBCompliance analysis of human leg joints in level ground walking with an optimal control approach (Humanoids presentation)
(2) Sascha Delbasteh, ORBCallibration of the reactable
Nov 20, 2014no seminar due to Humanoids conf.
Nov 27, 2014Christian Stockinger, Inst. für Sportwissenschaften, KITModeling and Simulation of Human Motor Adaptation Processes
Dec. 1, 2014
(Mon, 11:15)
Dr. Matthew Millard, Universität Duisburg-EssenPractical Human Movement Prediction: The Missing Pieces
Dec 11, 2014Patentanwalt Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Clever; Katscher Habermann Patentanwälte, DarmstadtÜbersicht über das Patenterteilungsverfahren und die Erlangung des Patentschutzes im In- und Ausland
Dec 19, 2014
(Fri, 11:15)
Prof. Dr. Partha Pratim Das, IIT Kharadpur, IndiaAnalysis and Interpretation of Indian Classical Dance
Jan 15, 2015Felix AllerMMM-Converters for the transformation of position based motion capture data to the joint angles of full-body human models
Jan 22, 2015Khai-Long Ho Hoang, Davide  Corradi, Sascha Delbasteh, ORBClassification of geriatric walking motions
Jan 29, 2015Manuel Kudruss & Maximilien Naveau, LAAS,CNRS
Feb 5, 2015Dr. Giovanni de Magistris, JRL AIST-CNRS Tsukuba, Japan Modeling compliant soles of humanoid robots

Feb 12, 2015
(9:15 - 16:00)

long internal group meeting
Feb 26, 2015Monika Harant, ORBOptimal control of push recovery motions of humanoid robots
Mar 5, 2015 (15:00)Henning Koch, ORB Modeling and optimal control of exoskeletons
SUMMER 2014Tuesdays 2:15 p.m. (if not indicated otherwise)
DateSpeakerTalk title
Feb 4, 2014Martin Felis, ORBA Versatile Framework for Optimal Control of Rigid Body Motions
Feb 11, 2014Malin Schemschat, TU DarmstadtForward Dynamic Simulation of Biomechanical Systems
Feb 25, 2014Khai-Long Ho Hoang, ORBStability measures for movements of elderly people
Mar 11, 2014Benjamin Reh, ORBImplementation and analysis of a free controller for optimal trajectories of an industrial robot
Mar 18, 2014Dr. Massimo Sartori, Universität Göttingen Modeling and Simulating the Neuromuscular Mechanisms of Human Movement
Mar 25, 2014Henning Koch, ORBHEIKA-EXO - Modeling and Optimization of Exoskeletons
Apr 8, 2014Fatma Kurt, ORBModellierung, Optimierung und Visualisierung von Turnbewegungen am Reck (Bachelorseminar)
Apr 15, 2014
at 2:30 p.m.
Kathrin Hatz, AG Bock / ORB Effiziente numerische Methoden für hierarchische dynamische Optimierung mit Anwendung zur Modellierung von Zerebralparese-Gangarten 
Apr 29, 2014
at 11.00 a.m.
Prof. Dr. Martin Giese, Universität TübingenLearning of structured representations of complex human body movements
May 6, 2014Yue Hu, ORBHumanoid Robots at IIT
May 20, 2014Benjamin Reh, ORBEuropean Robotics Competition EUROBOT
June 10, 2014Prof. Dr. Dr. Mathias Gutmann, Institut für Philosophie, KITLethal behavior: ethical reasoning in robots 
June 24, 2014Dr. Manish Sreenivasa, ORBModeling and identification of the human arm stretch reflex using a realistic spiking neural network and musculoskeletal model
July 22, 2014Dr. Auguste van Poelgeest, Fraunhofer PAMB, MannheimHow to develop a controller for a prototype vehicle
July 29, 2014Jose Esparza, Bosch / HCI3D stereo reconstruction with automotive fisheye surround-view systems
Sept 9, 2014

Nguyen Thi Anh Ngoc, TU Munich

Controller designed for maximized mode observability of switching systems



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