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IWR - Where Methods Meet Applications

The IWR is an interdisciplinary research center for scientific computing which builds bridges across a multitude of disciplines. The center promotes mathematical and computational methods in science, engineering and the humanities. Currently it comprises more than 50 research teams from various faculties. About 500 scientists work together in interdisciplinary cooperation projects. In addition to educating the next generation of excellent scientists, the IWR also focuses on advancing international research networks. [More...]


3. Mai 2018
Öffentlicher Vortrag: "Warum Mathematik glücklich macht"
Prof. Christian Hesse, Universität Stuttgart [More…]

May 3-4, 2018
Conference: "European Women in Mathematics - German Chapter Conference 2018"

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News & Announcements

April 11, 2018
A Revealer of Secrets in the Data of Life and the Universe
HGS MathComp Romberg professor Donald Richards lives to uncover subtle patterns hiding in real-world data / By Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine  [Link to article...]

March 8, 2018
Summer School on Scientific Computing and Environmental Science in Thailand
Jointly organized by the IWR and Chiang Mai University the summer school takes place between March 8-16 [More...]

29. Januar 2018
Mathematische Modelle für die Nutzung geografischer Daten
Vertreter verschiedener Forschungseinrichtungen sowie Partner aus der Industrie kommen an der Universität Heidelberg zum 14. Modellierungstag Rhein-Neckar zusammen. [Weiter...]

January 16, 2018
Improving Stroke Treatment Through Machine Learning
Prof. Björn Ommer develops computer vision technique to analyse rehabilitation process [More...]

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Upcoming Events

May 3, 2018

09:00 AM

European Women in Mathematics

06:00 PM

Warum Mathematik glücklich macht

Prof. Christian Hesse, Universität Stuttgart

October 8, 2018

09:00 AM

Advances in Mathematical Optimization

Various Speakers

Öffentlicher Vortrag

3. Mai 2018 • 18 Uhr • Mathematikon

IWR School 2018

October 8-12, 2018 • Heidelberg

Interdisciplinary Education

International Master Program: Scientific Computing

Building Bridges Across Disciplines

Scientific Computing as Part of The Institutional Strategy of Heidelberg University