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Through the 30+ years of its existence, the IWR has grown to a university spanning central institute with more than 50 faculty members and overall more than 500 researchers from mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biological sciences, medicine and engineering. It has become an internationally leading place for scientific computing, which is impressively documented by the successful application within the Excellence Initiative for the Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences (HGS MathComp) and four running ERC grants among the IWR members.

The dual strategy of the IWR to develop new, powerful and innovative methods of scientific computing on the one hand, and to promote their application in computational science on the other, is visibly reflected in the special structure as an interdisciplinary so-called “central research institution” of the university. Today, it integrates 52 research groups from the faculties for mathematics and computer science, engineering sciences, physics and astronomy, chemistry and earth sciences, and medicine. Of these, 14 research groups are members of the “core” unit, i.e., they are located on the premises of the IWR and have their budgets there. In addition, another 38 groups reside at different university institutes but are (“associate”) members of equal right and duties. The Core or “Budgetary” Unit of the IWR is an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty institution with its own budgets, office space, professorships and administrative staff.

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