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Main Research Groups at the IWR

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Symplectic Geometry
Prof. P. Albers
Parallel Computing
Prof. P. Bastian
Atmospheric Physics
Prof. A. Butz
Computational Linguistics
Prof. A. Frank
Molecular Biomechanics
Prof. F. Gräter
Image Analysis and Learning
Prof. F. Hamprecht
Computational Biophysics
Prof. D. W. Heermann
Scientific Computing
Prof. R. Herzog
Computational Biophotonics
Prof. J. Hesser
Statistics of Inverse Problems
Prof. J. Johannes
Applied Analysis (CV/PDE)
Prof. H. Knüpfer
Numerical Optimization
Prof. E. Kostina
Polymer Theory
Prof. K. Kremer
Software Engineering
Prof. B. Paech
Visual Computing
Prof. F. Sadlo
Image and Pattern Analysis
Prof. C. Schnörr
Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. O. Vendrell
Differential Geometry
Prof. A. Wienhard
Machine Learning
Jun. Prof. J. Zech
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