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IWR Services

To find contact information for IWR staff, use the public IWR directory found unter „people search“. The links below provide pathways for staff resources and information. More information can be found on the websites of each subpage.

Administration & Support

Contact details of the administrative and central services offices at the IWR

Room Reservation

More information on reserving seminar rooms at the IWR

Local Services

More information on all relevant forms, templates (letters, posters, etc.) as well as phone numbers and email addresses at the IWR


More information on high performance computing, compute resources, computer workstations, graphic/robotic labs as well as available opportunities for employees and students to loan equipment(scanners, cameras, video recorders, etc.)


Available software developed by members of the IWR

Fire Safety Regulations

The documents below contain the fire safety regulations of Heidelberg University for the Mathematikon. If you have any questions regarding these regulations please contact the IWR office.
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