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Facilities at the IWR

The processing speed and memory capacities of computers has been increasing for decades. And we will see continued growth throughout the following decades. The efficient use of supercomputers, especially parallel processors, through the development of adjusted intelligent algorithms is of great importance. Only on this condition IWR's researchers are able to handle and interpret the huge masses of very specific data collected in other disciplines.  

To meet this demand IWR extends its computing facilities constantly. Since August 2007 IWR is equipped with a high performance parallel computer, HELICS II, whose previous model, HELICS I, was ranked 35th among the 500 most powerful computers worldwide in 2002. HELICS II is used by groups in particular in the basic research in mathematics, computer science, biocomputing, science and chemistry for extensive calculations and simulations. In addition, the IWR owns several computer clusters and powerful multiprocessor machines.

Another special feature of IWR are the lab facilities - the Graphics Lab and the Robotics Lab. These labs are equipped with specific hard- and software that is available to all members of IWR and provides a basis for various courses. For teaching purposes IWR also owns two Computer-Pools.
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