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IWR Colloquium on Computational Methods in Sciences

The IWR Colloquium serves as a platform for the interdisciplinary dialogue which characterizes the field of scientific computing. It is organized by Dr. Dirk Rehn, Coordinator IWR Colloquium.

Every semester, members of the IWR and its affiliated institutions as wells as renowned international experts are invited to present their latest scientific results and discuss the upcoming challenges in the field of scientific computing.

We gladly invite you to join this interdisciplinary dialogue.

Winter Semester 2021 / 2022

The IWR Colloquium takes place at the Conference Room of the Mathematikon. In addition it will be streamed via Zoom.

Im Neuenheiner Feld 205
Conference Room / 5th Floor, Room 5/104
69210 Heidelberg

Zoom meeting: 

For the Colloquium we have to follow the 2G-rule set (vaccinated, recovered):

  • Each participant has to present a valid COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.
  • Each participant has to provide contact information preferably using a hand-held device scanning the QR-code in the conference room or in written form.
  • During the Colloquium it is mandatory to wear a medical mask (FFP2 without a valve).
  • There is room for 25 persons observing corona distance seating order
  • To avoid unnecessary queues, please come early to pass through the scanning procedure (we recommend 20 min.) Opening will be at 15:45.

November 3, 2021 • 16:15
"Deep Learning for Advanced Imaging"
Prof. Christophe Zimmer • Head of Imaging and Modeling Unit, Department of Computational Biology, Institut Pasteur, Paris (France)

December 1, 2021 • 16:15
Romberg Inaugural Lecture
"Model Order Reduction Methods for Time-Harmonic Wave Problems"
Prof. Francesca Bonizzoni, Romberg Visting Scholar • Institute of Mathematics, Augsburg University

IMPORTANT: In-person meeting changed to ONLINE ONLY meeting
Unfortunately this meeting will only take place online due to the COVID-19 situation.

January 19, 2022 • 16:15
Inaugural Lecture
"Large-Scale Optimization and Applications"
Prof. Roland Herzog • Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University

January 26, 2022 • 16:15
"Towards Intelligent Matter: Multiscale Investigations of Responsive and Functional Materials"
Dr. Saeed Amirjalayer • Center for Nanotechnolgy (CeNTech) • University of Münster

IMPORTANT: Please note that participation in person (max. 25) will be on first come first served basis prior registration via e-mail to

February 16, 2022 • 16:15
Inaugural Lecture
"Transport Based Inference"
Prof. Jakob Zech • Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University
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Dr. Dirk Rehn
Coordinator • IWR Colloquium