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IWR Colloquium on Computational Methods in Sciences

The IWR Colloquium serves as a platform for the interdisciplinary dialogue which characterizes the field of scientific computing. It is organized by Dr. Dirk Rehn, Coordinator IWR Colloquium.

Every semester, members of the IWR and its affiliated institutions as wells as renowned international experts are invited to present their latest scientific results and discuss the upcoming challenges in the field of scientific computing.

We gladly invite you to join this interdisciplinary dialogue.

Winter Semester 2022 / 2023

The IWR Colloquium takes place at the Conference Room of the Mathematikon. In addition it will be streamed via Zoom.

Im Neuenheiner Feld 205
Conference Room / 5th Floor, Room 5/104
69210 Heidelberg

Zoom meeting:


During the Colloquium it is mandatory to wear a medical mask (FFP2 without a valve) for employees of Heidelberg University. Students are strongly encouraged to do the same.

February  1, 2023 • 17:00
ONLINE EVENT: “Randomization techniques for solving large scale linear algebra problems"
Prof. Laura Grigori • Director of Research, INRIA Paris • Alpines group, joint with Laboratoire J.L. Lions, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
[Abstract][Poster][Website Speaker]

January  11, 2023 • 16:15
“Accelerated Sampling and Improved Synthesis in Diffusion Models"
Tim Dockhorn • David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science • University of Waterloo, Canada
[Abstract][Poster][Website Speaker]

November  30, 2022 • 16:15
“Neuromorphic Computing With Self-Organized Networks"
Dr. Johannes Zierenberg • Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
[Abstract][Poster][Website Speaker]

October  6, 2022 • 15:00
“Human-Computer-Interaction and using AI to improve public health"
Dr. Theresa Hirzle • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Dr. Dirk Rehn
Coordinator • IWR Colloquium