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Exhibition "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe"

February 26 - May 31, 2019 • Foyer, Mathematikon

This touring exhibition, whose starting point is the 7th ECM held in July 2016 in Berlin, stems from the observation that nowadays, women still find it difficult to embrace a career in the mathematical academic world and the disparity between the proportion of men and that of women among professional mathematicians is still shamefully large.

The thirteen women mathematicians portrayed here share with us their experience, thus serving as role models to stimulate young women scientists to trust their own strength. In presenting mathematics through women mathematicians’ perspectives and samples of their life stories, we hope to highlight the human aspects of producing mathematics, making this discipline more tangible and therefore more accessible to outsiders or newcomers.

This exhibition and the catalogue (publishing house: Verlag am Fluss) are the result of the joint efforts of the photographer Noel Tovia Matoff and four mathematicians by Sylvie Paycha, Sara Azzali, Alexandra Antoniouk, Magdalena Georgescu, with the precious help of Maria Hoffmann-Dartevelle, who translated into German and Sara Munday, who proofread the interviews and, last but not least, our two inspired graphic designers Wenke Neunast/eckedesign (exhibition) and Gesine Krüger (catalogue).

The exhibition will be on display from February 26 - May 31, 2019 at the Foyer of the Mathematikon.

The Exhibition Catalogue is available for 20,00 EUR at the IWR Office (Room 2/303, 2nd Floor, Mathematikon, Opening Hours: Monday-Friday / 09:00-12:00).

The opening of the exhibition on February 25, 2019 was organized in close cooperation with the conference "Geometric Analysis meets Geometric Topology“.

The event is kindly supported by the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF).

Link: Exhibition Homepage

Location: Mathematikon • Foyer • Im Neuenheimer Feld 205 • 69120 Heidelberg

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Exhibition Catalogue

The Exhibition Catalogue is available for 20,00 EUR at the

IWR Office
Room 2/303,
2nd Floor, Mathematikon

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday / 09:00-12:00

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